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Hariklia Heristanidis
W  R  I  T  E  R

It has been a long time, and a very strange time, since my last update. We've had (and are still in the midst of) a pandemic; there's been unparalleled division in our society—or so it seems to me; and we've had a federal election and change of government. Hooray!


Throughout it all, it is the Arts that have kept us sane. Outside of friends and family, what do we turn to in isolation or in times of stress? Movies, books, music. A life without the arts is a small and narrow, joyless thing. Sadly it is getting more and more difficult for those of us who create art, to make any sort of living.


JK Rowling might be ridiculously wealthy but according to TheConversation.com (31 Jan 2019): "The most recent figures show that Australian authors earn just $12,900 a year from writing work (the median, at $2,800, was even worse). Indeed, authors can gross less than $5,000 for Miles Franklin-nominated titles that took two or more years to write."

Having said that, the creative urge is impossible to stifle (for many), and thrives despite the lack of attention and certainly the lack of remuneration. How else to explain the number of people bringing out music few will hear, writing poems no one will read and painting canvases that will never sell? That's the rub.


Clearly, artists (of all persuasions) are an optimistic lot! And so—let me introduce you to Kalliope X ... a new online literary magazine that I am proud to be involved with, as a founding co-editor. Just go to the Other Stuff page. There too you will find notes on what else has been taking my fancy.


Happy reading everyone and if you would like to leave a comment or give me any feedback, head over to my Facebook page.