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                                       “All Windows Open” the novella that opens Hariklia                                                           Heristanidis’s first collection of fiction, is a witty, fast-paced romance set in Melbourne. It tells the story of Chrissie Triantafillou, a Greek girl growing up in the 1980s. Chrissie is self confessed shallow person. She’s a bit of a princess, she has no sense of smell, she has been cursed by her mother, and she is passionately in love with her cousin George.

But relationships between first cousins are strictly taboo in the Orthodox community; and besides, Chrissie has a boyfriend, and George has met Dora while travelling in Greece and is engaged to be married. Even so, Chrissie can’t help fantasizing about George and wonders whether he might harbour inappropriate feelings towards her too.

There is guidance from Mrs. Mavros, the coffee-cup seer, and there is interference from her neighbours Mrs. Xanthos and Mrs. Evans. And just when Chrissie feels most alone and does not know what to do, something happens.

Seven short stories make up the remainder of the book, where we meet a variety of other interesting characters: Elizabeth, a sticky beak at open house inspections, Steve, a collector of household gadgets, and Eric who is divorced, drunk and living in a London share house.


This is a funny and delightful collection that is sure to please.

A book that I could not put down...a MUST read.  Zanderlab, Amazon


I laughed, gasped and got lost within each story as it unfolded. This is more than a book, it is a neighbourhood of woman who embrace the joy and romance within life. Jennifer Douglas, Goodreads


Really really enjoyed the novella 'All Windows Open'. It wasn't too long, was told in short, snappy chapters from various character viewpoints and didn't lose the momentum it built up from the beginning.  Jo, Goodreads


This novella really got me in! I am not really an avid reader, but I found myself not wanting to put this book down. The characters are so different and interesting, and the story has a great, masterful blend of humour, drama and intrigue. Excellent!  Sky, Booktopia


The book left me with a smile on my face - am hoping her next collection is well under way! Thoroughly recommended.  Inky, Amazon


I was gripped from start to finish.  Hil, Amazon UK

All Windows Open